Building an Home Extension

Top Reasons Commercial Business Owners Must Hire Professional Asbestos Abatement Contractors

Do you own a commercial premise built or renovated before 1990? If the answer is yes, it might contain traces of asbestos. Once a popular additive for various construction materials, the use, sale or import of asbestos was abolished in 2003 by the Australian government because of the life-threatening risks it poses to human health. Long-term exposure to asbestos fibres can cause lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma. Proper identification, removal and disposal of asbestosis are paramount to prevent these problems. Read More 

3 Responsibilities Carried Out By A Competent Mining Engineer

Mining and construction are some of the significant sectors of the economy. If you want to invest in them or have already made an investment, you should ensure all your activities run smoothly. Also, avoid accidents that could lead to financial and legal liabilities. You can achieve this by hiring experts in the field to handle all processes. For example, a mining engineer has the skills and training to manage multiple facets of the mining project and deliver excellent results. Read More 

Why Install Tinted Windows in Your Store’s Shopfront?

While many store owners install regular glass in their shopfront windows, you can also install tinted glass. This glass has some benefits over clear glass. What are they? Protect the Interior of Your Store If the sun beats down on your store's windows, then UV rays will filter in through the glass. These rays can do some damage to the interior of your store and the products you have on display. Read More 

Four Benefits Of Constructing Louvres In Your Home

Louvres are a great way to add a bit of style and class to your home. They're also functional and can help you save energy. Here are four benefits of constructing louvres in your home: 1. Louvres Give Your Home Lots Of Air Flow Louvres are great because they allow you to control how much air flows through your home, giving you more flexibility when it comes to cooling down during the summer months or heating up during cold winters. Read More 

Considerations When Hiring A Builder

Builders will help you realise your dream of owning a commercial or residential building. However, choosing a builder can be pretty cumbersome, given that you have a long list of builders to compare and contrast. Well, this should not pose a challenge after you read this article. The information below details what you should look for in a builder.  Expertise  The builder must demonstrate sufficient experience in the construction of your preferred building. Read More 

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Building an Home Extension

Hello, my name is Wendy and this is my construction blog. I do not work in the construction industry myself, but I have spent the last 7 months of my life with construction workers and contractors as they designed and built an extension to my property. I had always dreamed of extending my home so we could enlarge the kitchen and have an additional bedroom on the second-floor. My husband always objected, but when I won some money on the lotto, he couldn't stop me. The contractors were really great and I got a real insight into the industry so I decided to start this blog.

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