Building an Home Extension

Two Tips to Follow if You’re Having Your Shop Deep-Cleaned After Renovating It

If you've decided to use a local business's commercial cleaning services after having your shop renovated, you might be interested in the advice below. Make sure you've finished up all of the odd jobs before giving your cleaner the go-ahead Towards the very end of any renovation project, most people will realise that there are several small jobs that need to be done in order to finish off the renovations. These might include adding an extra piece of wood to a skirting board that is a little too short for the wall it's attached to or adding a bit of extra grouting to the floor so that the grouted lines are flush with the new tiles. Read More 

3 Things You May Not Know About Asbestos and Its Removal

Building and construction have come a long way. There was a time when it was believed that asbestos was the best additive to construction materials such as tiles, pipes and roofing materials. The qualities that made asbestos so popular include the fact that it is fire-resistant, has high tensile strength and can make the most durable construction materials. The problem arose when people started reporting sickness, and research connected some illnesses to asbestos poisoning. Read More 

Civil Construction Safety Tips

Civil construction involves the construction of infrastructures such as roads, tunnels, railway lines and bridges. Read this article for some civil construction safety tips. Initial Surveys Conduct an initial survey to understand site conditions that might affect the construction process. For instance, you may require local council documents to ensure the site does not have toxic minerals or dangerous materials such as asbestos. Also, you want to know whether the site has an effective stormwater drainage system. Read More 

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Bitumen Spray Sealing

Just like any other part of your building, a driveway needs proper care and maintenance. Improper maintenance of your driveway can make your building look unkempt. And this, therefore, makes scheduling annual preventive maintenance of your driveway important. You can maintain your driveway in different ways. Bitumen spray sealing is one necessary maintenance process for driveways that helps in preventing the expansion of cracks. Handling the sealing project right way is important as it ensures a desirable outcome. Read More 

Are you going to work with timber?

When you are creating any product, then you could choose to build with stone, concrete, brick or wood. The choice you make will depend on a lot of factors including the nature of the product and how you will use it. One of the reasons that timber is so widely used by both professionals and hobbyists is that timber products can often be shaped or modified without expensive equipment. If you choose to work with concrete or brick, then you may need to bring in heavy machinery or purchase tools to carry out your work. Read More 

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Building an Home Extension

Hello, my name is Wendy and this is my construction blog. I do not work in the construction industry myself, but I have spent the last 7 months of my life with construction workers and contractors as they designed and built an extension to my property. I had always dreamed of extending my home so we could enlarge the kitchen and have an additional bedroom on the second-floor. My husband always objected, but when I won some money on the lotto, he couldn't stop me. The contractors were really great and I got a real insight into the industry so I decided to start this blog.

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