Building an Home Extension

Different Surveying Services You Could Enlist Before Construction

Land surveying is typically associated with commercial properties, but the reality is even residential property owners would benefit from a surveying service. By having a land survey done before you purchase a property, you get clarity on how best to make use of your property as you would know precisely where the various installations you would want to erect should go. Moreover, you also get to establish your boundary lines and make sure that you are not encroaching on other people's land. Read More 

Should You Do Anything About Surface Cracks Before Renovating Your Property?

You may be in the mood to beautify the external appearance of your property and are thinking about applying some decorative concrete treatments to external walls. However, on closer inspection, you can see that cracks have appeared in the host surface. Should you just go ahead and apply the decorative treatment in this situation, in effect just covering it up? What do you need to consider first? Static or Moving? Read More 

Prefabricated homes are high quality and cost-effective options

Homeowners looking for convenience, lower costs and energy efficiency often turn to prefabricated homes. However, many people aren't familiar with the details that surround these types of homes. As a result, many homeowners in Australia are missing out on a great option for achieving home ownership. Prefabricated homes can be described as houses that are built in sections. Construction takes place at a home building facility, where separate sections are assembled in accordance with the climate and design specifications of the owner. Read More 

Expectations placed on a commercial brick layer

Large commercial projects with a big portion of the construction budget assigned to bricklaying impose very stringent workmanship demands on the brick layer. The investors desire the brick work to not only last long, but the visual aspects of the work must be appealing and compatible with the utility of the structures they constitute. Locations A commercial bricklayer will be required to work in all areas that the clients choose to have bricks laid. Read More 

The Various Designs of Roof Trusses You Can Use For Your House

There are different types of roofs in the world today depends on the kind of architecture used. For instance, the Chinese roofs are known to be unique with curvy features that leave many amazed. On the other hand, Victorian roofs are bold and sturdy representing simplicity. All these roofs incorporate one component that can be manipulated to bring out the desired shapes and styles. Traditionally, buildings used steel or lumber, but modern buildings now use pre-manufactured roof trusses to get the aspired roof forms. Read More 

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Building an Home Extension

Hello, my name is Wendy and this is my construction blog. I do not work in the construction industry myself, but I have spent the last 7 months of my life with construction workers and contractors as they designed and built an extension to my property. I had always dreamed of extending my home so we could enlarge the kitchen and have an additional bedroom on the second-floor. My husband always objected, but when I won some money on the lotto, he couldn't stop me. The contractors were really great and I got a real insight into the industry so I decided to start this blog.

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