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3 Ways to Jazz up a Concrete Block Retaining Wall

Concrete makes good retaining walls. It is a sturdy and long-lasting material that lasts for years. If you don't want a plain wall, you may have decided to go with sleeper-shaped blocks. These give your wall more of a design appeal than a flat surface.

However, while some people like the clean and understated look of plain concrete blocks, you might want a wall that makes more of a statement. What features can you use to make the wall more appealing?

1. Use Coloured Concrete

Concrete has a utilitarian look that doesn't appeal to everybody. For example, you may think that a plain concrete-coloured retaining wall will look too industrial in your garden.

However, concrete doesn't have to be grey. You can buy coloured concrete instead of a plain product. So, you could use blocks that add tints or shades to the concrete itself. You could give the wall a slate look or a sandstone finish. This makes the concrete look less drab, and your wall will look more colourful.

2. Use Decorative Blocks

Regular blocks are flat and plain. This is fine if you want a smooth and even look. It isn't so great if you want the wall to stand out.

Another way to make a block wall look different is to use decorative blocks. For example, you can buy blocks that are made to look like brickwork or stone. These come in various colours. So, you could get all the benefits of a concrete wall but make the wall look like it is made from a material you personally find more attractive.

3. Add Capping Blocks

You don't have to add capping blocks to retaining walls; however, this is an option worth considering. Without caps, the top of the wall may look a little unfinished and basic.

However, if you add smooth caps along the top of the wall, it looks more stylish. The capped blocks finish off the wall. They may even create useful space for plants and other garden knick-knacks you want to display.

Plus, you can use the colour of the blocks to enhance the retaining wall. For example, you could choose a complementary colour to your core blocks to highlight the capping and make the wall look more appealing.

To get more information on your block options, contact local retaining wall contractors. They can show you examples of blocks, colours, designs and caps. 

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