Building an Home Extension

4 Reasons to Consider Epoxy Flooring for Your Kitchen

Epoxy flooring might sound like an odd choice for your kitchen at first. However, just give the matter a little thought, and you'll quickly begin to appreciate why this might just be the right choice. Here are just four reasons why epoxy flooring can be the perfect option for your kitchen. 1. Versatile Style Talk to someone about epoxy flooring, and they'll usually picture the dull grey often chosen for industrial environments – unfortunately, plenty of people still think that's the only colour epoxy flooring comes in. Read More 

How to Get Rid of Internal Moisture Caused by Rainy Conditions

Living in Australia, you may love the climate and the fact that you can enjoy the outdoor lifestyle all year round. However, you understand that you will have to deal with high humidity and frequent semi-tropical rainstorms and will have to take steps to protect your property from the associated consequences. If your house is particularly exposed to the prevailing wind and rain, you may have noticed some problems inside due to moisture penetration and may wonder what you can do about it. Read More 

Insulating Your Commercial Building for Hot, Humid Climates

Different climates put different demands on insulation in commercial buildings. In cold climates, commercial buildings come with the added benefit that there are more people than in a residential moving about in it — something that accumulates heat. However, in a hotter climate, you'd want to keep the building as cool as possible. The simplest solution to doing this is to make sure the insulation in your building is sufficient. Before contacting a commercial insulation service, however, there are a few things you should know regarding roof and ceiling insulation to keep the temperature down in a building for hot and humid climates. Read More 

Is Your Cat Responsible for Your Current Plumbing Emergency?

If you're honest with yourself, are you somebody who tends to take shortcuts when you're under pressure so that you can move away from your current task and get on with something else? This is something to bear in mind if you're currently scratching your head due to a drainage problem at home. If you're no longer able to flush the toilet and the water is up to the top of the bowl, what should you do next? Read More 

Design Trends to Deliberate On For Your Custom Home

If you are in the process of planning for a new home build, chances are you will want your investment to be current with the times. To accomplish this, you have to be aware of the current trends and have the capacity to discern what will suit your vision for your home and what you should leave out. Additionally, factor in your budget while keeping in mind that some design trends can actually help you save on household costs in the long term, so it will be worthwhile investing in them while constructing the new home. Read More 

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Building an Home Extension

Hello, my name is Wendy and this is my construction blog. I do not work in the construction industry myself, but I have spent the last 7 months of my life with construction workers and contractors as they designed and built an extension to my property. I had always dreamed of extending my home so we could enlarge the kitchen and have an additional bedroom on the second-floor. My husband always objected, but when I won some money on the lotto, he couldn't stop me. The contractors were really great and I got a real insight into the industry so I decided to start this blog.


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