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3 Ways to Jazz up a Concrete Block Retaining Wall

Concrete makes good retaining walls. It is a sturdy and long-lasting material that lasts for years. If you don't want a plain wall, you may have decided to go with sleeper-shaped blocks. These give your wall more of a design appeal than a flat surface. However, while some people like the clean and understated look of plain concrete blocks, you might want a wall that makes more of a statement. What features can you use to make the wall more appealing? Read More 

3 Critical Features of High-Quality Metal Keys

In construction — especially concrete construction projects — concrete slabs would crack if the concrete is poured continuously without breaks. The reason is that concrete tends to expand and contract due to thermal ranges and variations. It is for this reason that engineers use metal keys between concrete slabs because the keys help to control shrinkage, cracking and differential movement. However, it is essential to choose the right keys because a mistake in your selection can compromise the structural integrity of the building. Read More 

A Guide on Demolition Planning.

Do you intend to pull down your home for renovations? Well, demolition works should be well planned to minimise the risk of accidents. Therefore, your contractor should come up with a demolitions plan detailing all aspects of the planned exercise. Below is a short guide on what to include in a demolitions plan. Home Inspection The contractor should inspect your home to determine the scope of works. During the inspection, the contractor will be on the lookout for hazards such as low-lying branches and electrical cables that might cause accidents at the site. Read More 

Two Tips for Those Who Need to Knock Down a Concrete Garage in Preparation for a Building Project

If you have to knock down your concrete garage so that you can build a new structure in its place, here are a few tips that should help you with this stage of your construction project. Keep a damp cloth in your pocket when breaking apart the concrete It's important to ensure that you have access to a damp cloth whilst you are using your sledgehammer or jackhammer to break apart the concrete. Read More 

Why you need to think about builders hardware

Whether you are a builder, plasterer, decorator, landscaper or any other type of tradesman, you will know the importance of sticking to deadlines and being able to finish a job quickly. Winning work in the first place is important, but if there are constant delays and stoppages during the project, your customer will soon become disillusioned and your reputation will suffer. The importance of builders hardware  One of the biggest causes of project delays is the need to wait for materials to arrive on site. Read More 

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Building an Home Extension

Hello, my name is Wendy and this is my construction blog. I do not work in the construction industry myself, but I have spent the last 7 months of my life with construction workers and contractors as they designed and built an extension to my property. I had always dreamed of extending my home so we could enlarge the kitchen and have an additional bedroom on the second-floor. My husband always objected, but when I won some money on the lotto, he couldn't stop me. The contractors were really great and I got a real insight into the industry so I decided to start this blog.


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3 Critical Features of High-Quality Metal Keys
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