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Why Install Tinted Windows in Your Store's Shopfront?

While many store owners install regular glass in their shopfront windows, you can also install tinted glass. This glass has some benefits over clear glass. What are they?

Protect the Interior of Your Store

If the sun beats down on your store's windows, then UV rays will filter in through the glass. These rays can do some damage to the interior of your store and the products you have on display.

For example, if you have a carpeted floor, then parts of the carpet will fade if they are constantly exposed to UV rays. These rays can also affect your displays and signage. You might need to replace items that start to look too faded or worn. This increases your costs.

If you use glass tinting, then your windows block UV rays from coming into your store. You won't have problems with sun damage and its associated costs.

Create a More Comfortable Environment in Your Store

If you have large windows on your shopfront, then clear glass can make the inside of your store uncomfortable. Glare and direct sunlight won't encourage people to browse. If they get too hot, then they won't want to stay in your store for long.

This also affects your employees. If they have to work in a hot and overly-bright environment, then they won't feel comfortable enough to focus on their jobs. Some people might suffer from health problems such as headaches if they have to deal with a lot of glare during a shift.

Tinted glass windows make the inside of your store more comfortable for both your customers and your employees. You don't need to use heavy dark tints to see a difference here. Even a light tint will create a more pleasant and inviting shopping and working environment.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

If incoming sunlight makes your store hot, then you might have to run your air conditioning most of the time on sunny days. While this doesn't deal with glare and light, your air con will at least cool things down inside your store.

If you install tinted glass windows, then their natural light and glare reduction also reduces heat build-up in your store. Your windows will have a cooling effect. So, you might not have to run your air conditioning as often or at such high levels. Your energy costs will be lower.

To find out more about glass tinting, contact a professional.

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