Building an Home Extension

Considerations When Hiring A Builder

Builders will help you realise your dream of owning a commercial or residential building. However, choosing a builder can be pretty cumbersome, given that you have a long list of builders to compare and contrast. Well, this should not pose a challenge after you read this article. The information below details what you should look for in a builder. 


The builder must demonstrate sufficient experience in the construction of your preferred building. In most cases, builders will send you their portfolio and a list of clients they have worked with. The secret to interviewing the builder's clients is to ask in-depth questions. For instance, you could inquire about the builder's temperament, the safety measures they observed at the site, whether or not they adhered to the proposed budget, how they reacted to the client's disapproval and how the clients rate the builder's communication skills. Moreover, inquire whether the builder engaged the services of independent building surveyors to examine their work and provide construction certificates. 


Professional builders will: 

  • Take insurance coverage that is proportional to the value of the project.
  • Inspect the construction site to assess the viability of your project. For instance, the builder could identify challenges such as weak soils or sedimentary rocks.
  • Develop safety protocols to prevent accidents once they begin construction. For example, they could barricade the site and ensure employees have protective gear.
  • Offer guarantees to increase your confidence in their services. 

Access To Quality Building Materials 

Your preferred builder should have access to high-quality building materials. For instance, if you intend to install a wooden floor, the builder should assess how you intend to use the property to establish whether or not you need a solid or engineered floor. For example, engineered floors would be ideal for houses with an underground heating system. Conversely, solid hardwood would be perfect for high-traffic areas. The builder must have working relationships with reputable manufacturers. It qualifies them for discounts and complimentary services when purchasing the building materials. 

Cost Efficiency

Experienced builders are partners who aim to help you own property. This approach allows the builder to earn the client's trust and forge long-term relationships. Builders who integrate this strategy will help you save on construction costs. For instance, the builder could ask you to delay your project for a few weeks as you await the cost of building materials to reduce. Moreover, they could help you integrate sustainability into your project. For instance, they could reuse water, minimise energy consumption and use recycled materials. All these strategies will help you manage the construction costs. 

When hiring a builder, assess their expertise, professionalism, access to quality materials and cost-efficiency. Keep these tips in mind when looking for builders near you.

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Building an Home Extension

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