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Problems That a Skylight Window Can Help Resolve

A skylight window provides a range of benefits, such as extra daylight and ventilation. However, you might have some specific concerns, explained below, that these openings can help with.

Dim Home Office

If you're spending a lot of time working from home in a home office, you need to make sure it's well-lit and comfortable to avoid eye strain and fatigue. A skylight can enable this, as an overhead opening can allow about three times more light than a vertical window of a similar size. A skylight window faces the sky and captures direct illumination, whereas a vertical window might be shaded and often only receives bounced light from the ground, especially when the sun is overhead. A brighter office will create a healthier atmosphere for somewhere that you spend a lot of time.

Mouldy Bathroom

You may wonder what a skylight has to do with a mouldy bathroom. Well, a ventilating skylight can allow humid and damp air to float outside, so your bathroom will be fresher. A skylight is perfectly positioned because hot air naturally rises, so the moist air will drift towards an open skylight.

Better air circulation and less humidity will result in less mould growth. You could even install a skylight window above the shower, one of the worst areas for mould buildup. An overhead opening will also create a unique showering experience, giving you a view of the sky.

Compact Room

If your home is compact, you may wish it were more open and expansive. Attics, in particular, may feel cramped. You might not be able to do much about the walls, but installing skylight windows can help to make the area seem more spacious. The reason for this is that it will provide an extended view of the sky. If you can see farther from a room, it will tend to feel bigger. Plus, the skylight breaks up the sold ceiling, giving a more open feeling. Additionally, brighter spaces often seem larger.

Dark Hall or Closet

The architecture of some houses ensures that certain areas are dark, as they don't have access to vertical windows. For example, your home might feature a hallway with rooms coming off its sides. While all the rooms have vertical windows, the hallway may not. Another possibility is a walk-in closet or powder room without vertical windows. For these areas, you could install a sun tunnel rather than a skylight. These constructions consist of a dome on the roof, connected to a tube that runs through the ceiling cavity. This tube carries light to the ceiling diffuser, from where it flows inside. Thus, you can brighten up a hallway or closet without using electricity.

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