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Occasions When Directional Drilling Is Useful

If you are new to the world of directional drilling, you may be looking to find out more about the occasions when a drilling company can really help. This article provides a useful introduction to the times when directional drilling could prove useful. Read on to discover more.

When drilling multiple wells from a single location

This is one of the most common uses for directional drilling, as firms will often drill multiple wells from a single access point. This saves both time and money, which is particularly useful on larger projects. This happens, for example, when installing utility services such as gas mains or water mains underground. The ability to strategically place wells on the ground means that less land is disturbed overall, and the potential for damage to existing utilities is minimised. The cost of utility installation can also be minimised as expensive excavation equipment does not need to be hired and multiple wells can be drilled at once, which increases productivity significantly.

When the surface is inaccessible

There are various circumstances that may make it impossible to drill from the surface. For example, you may be drilling in a very remote area, where there is no access to the surface. Another example where directional drilling can be useful is when there is unstable ground over a location you wish to drill. This can make it impossible to drill safely from the surface. If this is your situation, then directional drilling could be useful as you can commence drilling in a different location.

When geology obstructs drilling

There are numerous examples of geological obstructions which could provide reasons for using directional drilling instead of conventional methods. You may be drilling in an area where there are fault lines or rock formations which make it impossible to drill from the surface. This is particularly true if you are drilling at a great depth. Directional drilling allows you to effectively drill around these obstructions so you can complete your project.

When you wish to lay pipe underwater

There is often no efficient way to lay pipe or cables underwater. However, directional drilling can be used for this purpose in order to lay pipe, cables or other structures underwater. For example, this method of construction can be used in order to lay pipes along rivers for hydroelectricity production purposes.

If you would like to find out more about directional drilling, you should reach out to a company that offers these services. A contractor will be happy to discuss your construction project and how they can help.

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