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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Bitumen Spray Sealing

Just like any other part of your building, a driveway needs proper care and maintenance. Improper maintenance of your driveway can make your building look unkempt. And this, therefore, makes scheduling annual preventive maintenance of your driveway important.

You can maintain your driveway in different ways. Bitumen spray sealing is one necessary maintenance process for driveways that helps in preventing the expansion of cracks. Handling the sealing project right way is important as it ensures a desirable outcome. Below are some mistakes to avoid when sealing your driveway.

Not Cleaning Your Driveway Properly

Cleaning your driveway before you start bitumen spray sealing will help you avoid locking debris under the sealer. Dirt locked under the bitumen will break away under the seal, which can damage your driveway. The best way to clean out all the dirt is by power washing the entire driveway. Pay attention to cracks or holes where debris might easily be caught when cleaning the driveway.

Not Addressing the Cracks

A common assumption is a sealer will fill the cracks, yet this is not the case. In case you have cracks on your driveway, address them first before you start spray sealing. It is paramount to get a crack filler suitable for your driveway.

When you don't seal the holes and cracks before you start the sealing process, the seal will not hold. Rushing through the process will only result in an undesired outcome.

Spray Sealing Too Soon

Ensure you use a spray seal only when it is necessary. It can be tempting to do it sooner if you have a fear of your driveway cracking, but applying the sealant too soon might result in buildup, and it might peel or crack. A cracked seal will compromise the aesthetic appeal of your driveway.

The speed with which you apply the seal depends on the traffic you have on your driveway. Having the path examined by professionals is essential, as they will tell you if it is an ideal time for you to seal. Sealing is a costly procedure, and there is no need to use it unless it is necessary.

Working with the Wrong Materials

You need to select the right material when spray sealing the driveway to warrant smooth and durable results. Factors like your locality and climate could affect the outcome that you will get. Using the perfect bitumen spray seal will ensure you get the appeal and sturdiness you need.

Note that not all sealants out there will give you the results you desire. Taking the time to understand the sealants will ensure that you do not work with the wrong type of materials.

If you are uncertain of the best way to handle the project, work with professionals. Since they understand the project, they will avoid making mistakes, ensuring your driveway serves you for long.

To learn more, contact a driveway spray sealing service.

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