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How to Tell if Concrete Needs to Be Sealed Again

If you have an area of concrete around your home that hasn't been resealed for a few years, then the time may have come to have this done. Concrete sealants can last a long time if they are professionally applied; however, they won't last forever.

If your sealant has degraded to the point where you need to replace it, then it's wise to do this as soon as you can. Sealants protect concrete surfaces so you want to keep the area topped up.

How can you tell if you need to reseal your concrete?

The Sealant Shows Signs of Damage

Sometimes, you can see obvious signs that a sealant has reached the end of its life. For example, it may start to peel off in patches.

You may also see holes or chips on the top surface of the concrete where the sealant has come off or worn away. The remaining sealant may look shinier and glossier than the areas of damage. These will reveal the concrete underneath and will look duller.

The Concrete Absorbs Water

Some sealants don't change the appearance of an area of concrete. For example, if you used a penetrative sealer originally, the liquid would have sunk into the concrete where it gives protection from within the stone. It doesn't leave a visible layer on top of the surface.

This can make damage or wear harder to spot. However, you can test the concrete itself to see if the sealant still works.

Try dropping some water on the concrete. If the sealant is still in place and still working, then the water should bead up and sit on the surface. The concrete shouldn't absorb liquid if its sealant is sound.

However, if the water seeps into the concrete and changes its colour, then the sealant probably isn't working all that well any longer. The concrete doesn't have adequate protection.

The Concrete Looks Different

Some sealants change the surface appearance of concrete. They may change its colour or give it a glossy look.

If these sealants wear away, then the concrete may look different. It may change colour slightly. Its texture may go from smooth and glossy to dull and rough. Or, it may simply look duller than it used to.

If you aren't sure if your concrete needs to be retreated, then call local concrete sealing services. They can test the sealant for you and reseal the area if necessary,

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