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The Carport Builder's Quote

There are several reasons why a carport is a better choice than a garage for protecting your vehicle from harsh weather elements. Once you have decided on the kind of carport you wish to construct, you will need to find a reputable carport builder who will actualise your dream and make it a reality.

It is advisable that you get initial quotes for the carport building exercise from a number of builders in order to identify the most affordable carport builder. Here is a breakdown of what a typical quote from a carport builder should include.

The Cost of Building Materials

This is one of the first things you should look for in a carport builder's quote. The cost of building materials is perhaps the single most important factor that affects the final cost of your carport.

Carport builders will often buy building materials from different suppliers. For this reason, some builders are able to get the required materials at reduced prices. This is because some builders buy the required materials in bulk.

Comparing the cost of carport building materials as quoted by different builders will help to ensure that you do not get ripped off.

Similarly, doing this will help you decide whether it is more affordable to buy the building materials on your own rather than leaving this activity to the carport builder.

The Cost of Labour

The cost of labour will also vary from one carport builder to another. Some builders will calculate their labour charges as a percentage of the cost of building materials used for carport construction while others will charge you depending on the size and type of carport to be built. For example, the cost of labour for the construction of a carport attached to your house could be more expensive than the cost of putting up a free-standing carport.

The Cost of Permits and Related Council Fees

In some jurisdictions, a permit is required for the setting up of carports. This is especially common in situations where the carport is to be attached to the house.

If you're required to have a permit, it is a good idea to examine the cost of the permit and related council fees as quoted by a carport builder. You can easily confirm from your local council whether the cost of getting a permit as quoted by the builder is accurate.

You need to be keen when comparing quotes from different carport builders in order to ensure that you get value for your money. Contact a local builder for more information.

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