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Two Tips for Those Who Need to Knock Down a Concrete Garage in Preparation for a Building Project

If you have to knock down your concrete garage so that you can build a new structure in its place, here are a few tips that should help you with this stage of your construction project.

Keep a damp cloth in your pocket when breaking apart the concrete

It's important to ensure that you have access to a damp cloth whilst you are using your sledgehammer or jackhammer to break apart the concrete. The reason for this is that this activity will produce a lot of concrete dust particles, which will end up coating your safety goggles in a matter of minutes. If you don't have a damp cloth within easy reach to wipe off this dust and you want to get the work done quickly, you might try to just wipe off the excess dust with your (equally dusty) sleeve or glove.

This won't remove much of the dust, however. If you keep using the aforementioned tools whilst your vision is partially obstructed by the thick dust on your safety goggles, you will be far more likely to be seriously injured. You might, for example, position the jackhammer too close to your own feet whilst breaking apart the floor and end up cutting them with it. Similarly, your impaired vision might lead to you accidentally hitting your feet with the sledgehammer.

Use an excavator for the concrete removal process

After the garage has been knocked down, you will be left with a large pile of concrete rubble that you will need to transfer into the skip sent by the company who will be handling the removal and disposal of this construction waste.

Instead of picking up with rubble and carrying it to the skip in your arms, you should rent an excavator and hire someone who is trained to operate this equipment to use it to pick up the pieces of concrete and place them in the skip.

There are a couple of reasons why this is the best approach. The first is that carrying jagged, heavy pieces of concrete in your arms is very likely to result in you being injured; the rubble might, for example, lacerate the skin on your arms, or you might end up dropping a particularly heavy piece onto your feet and suffering a fracture.

Additionally, this is a very inefficient way to remove the concrete from the demolished garage and place it in the skip. Using an excavator for this task could enable you to get this process finished in a fraction of the time this task would take if you were to opt for the manual approach. This is a point worth noting if you are under pressure to get rid of the garage and begin the construction of the new building as quickly as possible.

If you need help removing the concrete, contact a local concrete removal company.

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