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Is Your Cat Responsible for Your Current Plumbing Emergency?

If you're honest with yourself, are you somebody who tends to take shortcuts when you're under pressure so that you can move away from your current task and get on with something else? This is something to bear in mind if you're currently scratching your head due to a drainage problem at home. If you're no longer able to flush the toilet and the water is up to the top of the bowl, what should you do next?

Identifying the Problem

A modern-day sewage system is very reliable, and you shouldn't encounter any problems with its efficiency. Having said that, the municipality is only responsible for the system from your property line outward and should anything untoward happen within your jurisdiction, you will probably be responsible for sorting it out. Consequently, you need to ask yourself whether your current problem has anything to do with your habits and in particular, whether you have flushed anything down the toilet that could now be causing an issue.

It's Not the Cat's Fault

It's possible that a light bulb has illuminated in your mind's eye, as your furry, feline friend rubs against your leg. While cats are typically very well-trained and will only relieve themselves in the litter box, your propensity to take shortcuts with the "aftermath" may have generated this problem.

Litter and Water DO Mix

If you usually flush the cat faeces down the toilet once you have retrieved it from the litter box, then you may have inadvertently caused a blockage in the system. You may think that you were careful to avoid sending any cat litter down the drain at the same time, but it's almost inevitable in this situation. When the litter reaches the water, it will separate and clump together out of sight, creating an almost impenetrable mass instead.

As the days and weeks go by, this obstruction grows even more and will inevitably block the entire pipe. As you stare down into the toilet bowl you are now seeing the consequences, and there is only one way out – call the emergency plumber as soon as possible.

Learning a Lesson

Unfortunately, you won't be able to clear a blockage like this by using conventional products sourced from your local store. The plumber will have to bring in special tools instead to make your toilet serviceable once again. However, the lesson is clear – please don't flush any cat litter down the toilet in the future and dispose of it in the waste bin instead.

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