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Three Critical Guidelines for Bored Piling Drilling

If you are planning on building a structure which will exert a high vertical load on the foundation, you should think about using a bored pile. The bored pile is a non-displacement foundation which is placed through drilling. This pile has numerous advantages in the construction of large structures. In general, this foundation will be able to support heavy loads, ensuring the long-term stability of the building. The pile can be used on diverse and adverse ground conditions, making it an ideal choice for harsh environments. However, you should note that the success of the pile installation project will depend on the procedures followed. Here are some essential guidelines to help you ensure success during bored pile drilling.

Choose the Right Equipment

You should choose the correct equipment for the drilling of your land and the subsequent installation of the bored piling. In simple terms, there is no drilling rig on the market which can be universally used in all conditions for all applications. By selecting the right machinery, you will increase the efficiency of the drilling process. As a result, you will avoid project delays and equipment damage. The right drilling rig for your construction work will depend on the ground conditions. For instance, a standard drill which is used on sandy loam soil cannot be used on hard rock. Therefore, you should have the site investigated by an experienced geotechnical engineer.

Consider Using Steel Casings

If the ground on your property is weak and soft, you will need to have the soil stabilised during the installation of the bored piles. If you proceed with the foundation construction without stabilisation, your structure will not be stable. You can use speciality steel casings for this process for ideal results. Ideally, the casings will give the bored hole support after drilling and before the placement of the pile. If the casing is absent, the walls might collapse due to ground instability. For the best decision, you should discuss the benefits of using permanent and temporary casings with your contractor.

Utilise Drilling Fluids

Drilling fluids can be beneficial for bored pile installation projects. If you are planning on building on land with weak soil such as sandy soil, fill materials or clay, the fluid can be beneficial. These materials are normally unstable and unsuitable for drilling. When you introduce drilling fluid, it will combine with the substrate and increase the stability of the ground. However, you should note that the product is not always necessary. Therefore, you should consult your drilling and blasting contractor on the issue.

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