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The Lowdown on Glass Splashbacks—Adding Art to Your Home

Once upon a time, splashbacks had only one purpose—preventing splashes that could ruin your wallpapered or painted walls. Today, thanks to clever technologies and beautiful materials, a splashback can be a true work of art that finishes a room to perfection. If you're looking to add a splash of colour or some beautiful artwork to your bathroom or kitchen, glass splashbacks are the ideal choice for you. In fact, a glass splashback can be used in any part of your home to protect a wall space or to create a beautiful, artistic accent wall. Read on for what you need to know before you go shopping. 

Go Wild with Colour

Glass splashbacks are so en vogue right now. What truly cements them as the perfect design choice is the vast array of colours available and the ability to choose stunning bespoke design options and finishes that complement your home while providing protection. Breakthroughs in painted and printed glass have seen designs soar to new heights, revolutionising what people can do with their homes when it comes to style. There is a truly infinite choice of vibrant, mind-blowing artwork available--perfect for those looking for a design for their home that is unique.

Glass Quality Matters

You may shop for a bespoke glass splashback and think once you've decided on a design or colour, the job is done. However, not all glass is made equally. One problem that people can encounter relates to poor colour matching. For example, ordering a colour in the store that doesn't look the same upon arrival at the home. This can present real problems if you have a colour theme you want the splashback to fit in with.

The reason that colours can fail to live up to expectation is down to the quality and iron content of the glass. The problem with high iron content in glass comes from how iron reacts with paints and colours.  Avoid these issues by ensuring that you choose a quality glass manufacturer who produces low iron glass--this is especially important when you need colours to match. 

Paint Quality Matters Too

Once you've chosen a piece of quality glass, you don't want to be let down by poor quality inks or paint. Always check that the splashback manufacturer you choose uses only premium quality inks and paint—ideally brands that assure you that the exact colour you choose will be the colour you get. A premium quality splashback manufacturer will off a colour guarantee, so you can trust that you'll get what you want.

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