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Different Surveying Services You Could Enlist Before Construction

Land surveying is typically associated with commercial properties, but the reality is even residential property owners would benefit from a surveying service. By having a land survey done before you purchase a property, you get clarity on how best to make use of your property as you would know precisely where the various installations you would want to erect should go. Moreover, you also get to establish your boundary lines and make sure that you are not encroaching on other people's land. There are several types of land surveys that you can commission to be performed to reap these benefits. Here is a brief outline of the different surveying services that you could enlist before construction.

Topographic land survey

Topographic land surveys are one of the most common options that any property owner would consider. These surveys focus on discerning all natural as well as man-made structure that would be present on your property. The surveyor will make a note of trees, the slope of the land, hedges, existing buildings and a host of other landscaping elements. The data collected is then used to determine whether these features will be incorporated into your construction plans or whether site preparation would be essential.

Cadastral land surveys

This type of land survey focusses on establishing your property's dimensions, which in turn determines what the boundaries of your land are. By having a cadastral survey done, you get to discern the exact square acreage of your property, and this can considerably aid you in planning your construction. Additionally, a cadastral survey can also help in minimising the occurrence of boundary disputes down the road. For instance, if you would like to fence off the property before construction begins, your cadastral survey will ensure that you do not build on your neighbour's property, minimising the risk of legal problems. Moreover, this investigation would save you the extra cost of having to demolish and reconstruct your fencing because it went past your property line. Cadastral surveys would also enlighten you in good time about whether there would be any corner disputes that you may have to sort out before you can begin construction.

Hydrographic land surveys

Some people may associate hydrographic surveys with large water bodies, but they are not exclusively utilised for oceans and seas. If you have a waterway on your property, you should also consider having this survey done. A hydrographic review would give you all the pertinent information that you need about any springs, rivers, creeks or even a lake on your property. This information would help with the proper planning of your construction, as well as enlighten your contractors on whether they would need to install infrastructure to help prevent flooding, redirect stormwater and more. 

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