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The Various Designs of Roof Trusses You Can Use For Your House

There are different types of roofs in the world today depends on the kind of architecture used. For instance, the Chinese roofs are known to be unique with curvy features that leave many amazed. On the other hand, Victorian roofs are bold and sturdy representing simplicity. All these roofs incorporate one component that can be manipulated to bring out the desired shapes and styles. Traditionally, buildings used steel or lumber, but modern buildings now use pre-manufactured roof trusses to get the aspired roof forms. A roof truss is, therefore, a construction material which is used to provide both support and a frame for the roof structure of a building. The very composition of the roof trusses is what also determines the shape of the roof. Presently, there are numerous roof trusses each able to accommodate the various building designs as well as roof loads. These include the north light roof truss, the raised heel roof truss, the parallel chord roof truss as well as the king post truss.

  1. North Light Roof Truss – The creation of the north light roof truss is intended for buildings which have larger spans ranging between 20 and 30 meters. This is highly considered for such buildings because it is much cheaper to add trusses with a wide and large lattice grinder set which can also incorporate support trusses as well. The north light roof truss design is one of the oldest and economical in the markets today. It also offers good ventilation and more resistance to the roof. The design also brings versatility as well as durability. It can be used in industrial buildings and drawing rooms. 
  2. Raised Heel Roof Truss – This sort of roofing truss is considered for efficiency. This is because it offers excellent insulation as well as a comprehensive structural support. The design might require additional material to deliver perfect results, therefore, causing the costs to be higher than the other trusses available. It, however, lowers the energy bill which eventually saves costs. The design is also magnificent leading to the construction of exceptional roofs.
  3. Parallel Chord Roof Truss – These sort of trusses are specifically created for those looking to construct roofs with a minimum budget. The design is made out of wood and does not require any bearing wall or beam. They instead rely on full wood pieces which reduce the labor needed to work with them. They also demand more attic space and their span might not be as good.
  4. King Post Truss – The king post truss is mostly made from wood. However, it can also be created from wood and steel combination depending on the architect as well as the structure of the building. The span of the king post truss is up to 8 meters which makes it applicable for various house types.

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