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Information You Need Before Hiring A Portable Toilet

From the name itself, a portable toilet is a toilet which has the capability of being easily moved around from place to place. Such amenities are used on sites where toilets are far from reach. They are intended to provide people with their bathroom requirements. The toilets usually comprise a small unit where someone can quickly help themselves. Portable toilets are also used in mobile vehicles such as cars, caravans or boats where permanent toilets cannot be installed. Some of the portable toilets can be re-used, while others, once installed, become permanently placed. The portable toilets do not require any sewerage services due to their self-contained characteristics. When looking into portable toilet hire, one should be aware of the types available to get both service and functionality. Here are some of the types of portable toilets you should be aware of before hiring. 

  1. The Standard Portable Unit – These are the most common mobile units in the market as they are used in various places. The standard portables are equipped with non-flushing holding tanks, a toilet paper dispenser and often with a urinal as well. The standard portable toilets come as stalls which stand alone and are used in areas such as construction sites or outdoor events.
  2. Handicap Accessible Units – Such units are quite similar to the standard units, except that they have an extra feature which makes them convenient for people who are disabled. The toilets come along with a tissue dispenser, a urinal and a non-flushing holding tank. The only difference from the standard portables is that they have some additional square footage which is intended to make the units wheelchair accessible. The handicap-accessible units also have railings on three of their walls to give the disabled some support. These are quite important when looking to hire the portable toilets for people with disabilities.
  3. The Solar-Powered Units – These portable toilet units are intended for luxury purposes and are not as common as the standard units. The toilets are only featured in selected places, depending on the rate of energy intake in the area. The solar-powered units provide lighting inside during darkness. The units are also quite different from the standard units in that they pack more room inside, and their interior resembles that of an indoor bathroom. Adding to the luxury, the toilets also have a pedal-flushing ability as well as hand drying options as available features.

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