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2 Striking And Contemporary Materials To Consider For Your New Bathroom's Splashback

If you're remodelling your bathroom, then you've no doubt spent a considerable amount of time looking for style inspiration and ideas for the design. One of the key features of a beautiful bathroom is choosing the right splashback. Traditionally, bathroom splashbacks have been almost universally constructed from tiles but many homeowners looking for a striking and modern look are turning to less traditional materials for extra visual impact.

The use of less traditional and more adventurous materials for splashbacks has been a popular trend in more recent years. This trend has transitioned over to bathrooms and homeowners are loving the edgy, unique and personalised look it provides. If you'd like to use something other than tiles for your new bathroom splashback, then here are two striking and contemporary ideas you might like to consider.

1. Natural stone

Nothing says opulence and luxury more than using natural stone products in the bathroom. It's most commonly found on the floor in the form of tiles but is becoming increasingly popular for use as a warm, richly coloured splashback.

Natural stone comes in a wide range of colours and looks so you can be sure to find one that complements the rest of your bathroom design. Pale marble and buttery sandstone are great for a light and bright look. For a darker look, slate, granite or travertine in deep greys, blues and blacks will your bathroom the look that is being seen everywhere in interior design right now.

2. Copper or brass

Metallic materials have been a popular feature in interior design for several seasons now. In recent years, the trend has changed from high-gloss aluminium and stainless steel to more earthy and less reflective copper and brass. They're commonly used for plumbing fixtures, light shades and decorative elements such as vases and bowls.

Copper and brass also make an excellent material for bathroom splashbacks. Their low sheen finish and warm hues can help to create a rustic and timeless look that is still contemporary. Both copper and brass age beautifully, with attractive patinas that develop over time and continued exposure to moisture and skin contact.

Bathroom splashbacks are a fantastic element to use if you want to add a focal point to your bathroom. Contact your splashback suppliers and remodelling contractors in your area to find out what options they have available and which one will be the best choice for your new bathroom.

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