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The Eco-Benefits of Installing an Aluminium Roof

One of the most highly sought after roofing products on the Australian construction market today is aluminium roofing. This type of roofing is best known for its strength, durability and lightweight design. But aluminium roofing can provide several other important benefits, some of which are less known.

One of the most understated benefits of aluminium roofs that home owners should know about is their environmental friendliness. If you are contemplating installing an aluminium roof in your home, you should read on below to learn about how aluminium roofs can help make your home eco-friendly.

They help save energy.

One of the major downsides of traditional roofing options like asphalt shingles and wood shakes is that they tend to absorb a significant percentage of the sun's heat, making it difficult to keep the indoor environment cool, especially during the hot months of the year.

Unlike other types of roofs, which must come in light or bright colours in order to reduce heat gain, aluminium's inherent reflectivity helps to minimise heat transmission into the home, no matter the colour chosen. This reduces the need to keep air conditioning systems running for longer hours when temperatures are high outside, thus saving energy and lowering air conditioning costs.

The energy savings realised help reduce demand for energy, which has to be generated from planet Earth's rapidly diminishing natural resources.

They have reuse value.

Another property that makes aluminium roofing installation a good choice for the environment is the fact that aluminium products can be recycled for reuse upon reaching the end of their lifespan.

Aluminium waste generated from a roof removal job will not be buried at the landfill. Instead, it will be transported to a waste recycling facility that is licenced to handle aluminium waste. At the recycling facility, the aluminium will be cleaned and reprocessed to be used as raw material for manufacturing new aluminium products, perhaps even for another person's roof!

Generally speaking, recycling aluminium saves energy, as the amount of energy used to make recycled aluminium is far less than that used to make aluminium material from extracted mineral ores.

As more Australians recognise and embrace the need to live in homes that minimise environmental impact, they are becoming keener on the choices they make with respect to their building construction projects. Now that you've read through the above points, you now know that installing an aluminium roof is a perfect way to make your home eco-friendly.

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