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Two tips for building a high-end, luxury swimming pool

A luxury swimming pool is a wonderful addition to any home. If you've been thinking about building one on your property, here are two tips which should ensure that you are happy with the end result.

Hire the right person for the job

One of the main things that distinguishes luxury swimming pools from standard ones is the complexity of their design; high-end pools often have unusual features, such as spillways, inbuilt waterfalls, infinity edges or ornate lighting fixtures.

These features require a great deal of skill to create. Unfortunately, the average pool contractor, who is used to building cheap, generic rectangular pools, is unlikely to have the level of expertise that is needed to build a pool with these characteristics. Their attempts to do so are likely to produce sub par results which you will be unhappy with. In this situation, you may find yourself having to hire a second contractor to fix the mistakes made by the first. This will, of course, increase both the length and the cost of your pool-building project.

You can spare yourself this hassle, simply by seeking out the services of a contractor who specialises in creating designer pools at the very beginning of your project. Designer pool builders have the experience and the skill level needed to create a beautiful and functional structure which will not only be a pleasure to swim in but will also enhance the appearance of your property, and perhaps even increase its value.

Choose the appropriate shape

Installing a pool that has a shape which does not blend in well with the rest of the property will create a jarring and potentially garish overall look. This is true, even in cases where the pool itself is quite high-end. As such, it's vital to select the right shape of pool for your particular property.

For example, if the garden in which you will be building the pool is quite formal, with a striped lawn and precisely-cut hedges that have squared-off edges, it would not be a good idea to install an irregularly-shaped pool, as this would clash horribly with the surrounding area. In this scenario, a square, rectangular or even hexagonal pool would be a far better choice, as these shapes would mimic the regularity, formality, and symmetry of their environment.

Conversely, if your property is bordered by wild flowers and untrimmed trees, it might be wiser to select an asymmetrical pool with uneven edges, as this would blend in perfectly with the existing surroundings.

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