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4 Benefits of Installing a Tubular Skylight

A tubular skylight is a small dome that sits just above the roofline of a building. A reflective tube that is attached to the done reflects light into the dome. The light that enters the dome is then transferred to the interior of the property. Tubular skylights offer a range of benefits compared to standard skylight windows. Below is a guide to 4 benefits of installing a tubular skylight.

Unlimited sunlight

A major advantage of fitting tubular skylights is that they can bring light into almost any area of your home. Whereas traditional skylights need to be installed along the roofline and windows need to be installed on exterior walls, a tubular skylight can be fitted in almost any location.

Because the tube used as part of the construction isn't very long, it can easily be adapted to fit around any fixtures or pipes that are in the way. Doing this means you can introduce natural lights into rooms in your home that do not have exterior-facing windows.

Lower energy bills

Another benefit of installing tubular skylights is the reduction they can offer regarding your household energy bills. Because you can easily install tubular skylights in areas such as corridors or internal rooms, you can easily illuminate these areas when the sun is shining. This will cut the need to use internal electric lights to illuminate dark hallways or dingy rooms. As well as saving you money, this reduced energy consumption will also help to protect the environment.

An inexpensive and easy solution

Tubular skylights are an affordable solution for those households who are looking to lighten up the interior of their home. The installation of tubular skylights will often cost the same or less than having traditional skylights installed, as they typically require less construction work. This is because a small section of roof space needs to be removed.

Additional features

You can also add many additional features to a tubular skylight. For example, you may decide to install a tubular skylight that is fitted with an electrical fitting. During the hours of darkness, this will allow you to use a light bulb fitted within the skylight to add light to a space within your home. You may also decide to add a dimmer switch, which will allow you to control the amount of sunlight entering your home when the skylight is in use.

If you would like further information, you should contact skylight manufacturer or installer.

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