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The Aluminium Alternative: Is Aluminium The Right Choice Of Material For Your New Roller Shutters?

Roller shutter doors can be tremendously useful pieces of equipment for a variety of commercial and industrial businesses, providing quick, easy access to working areas whilst also creating a tough security barrier for unwanted intruders. However, while roller shutters were traditionally made from painted or galvanised steel, modern roller shutters can be created from a variety of materials, and aluminium is one of the most popular of these alternative shutter materials.

Choosing aluminium roller shutters can have many benefits, as this unique metal has a number of properties that conventional steel simply cannot match. However, there are also one or two drawbacks associated with choosing aluminium for your roller shutters, so make sure that this metal is right for your needs before having aluminium roller shutters installed on your business premises.

What are the advantages of choosing aluminium roller shutter doors?


Aluminium is significantly lighter than steel of equivalent dimensions, and a roller shutter door created partially or completely from aluminium will be far lighter than conventional steel alternatives. This is naturally a tremendous benefit if your roller shutter doors are hand operated, making for easier and quicker operation. However, it can also benefit automated shutter doors -- lighter shutters require cheaper and less powerful motors to operate, saving your business money over the short term and energy over the long term.

Rust resistance

Unlike steel, aluminium does not require protective coatings to protect it from rust and corrosion -- instead, the metal creates is own layer of rustproof aluminium oxide when exposed to air, leaving the metal beneath immune to any kind of corrosion. This makes aluminium roller shutter doors incredibly durable and is especially useful for shutter doors leading to outdoor areas or shutter doors used in humid environments such as refrigerated storage buildings.

Easy to fabricate and fit

Because aluminium is so light, aluminium roller shutter doors can be assembled more quickly and easily, leading to faster turnaround times when ordering roller shutter doors for fabrication. This lightness can also dramatically speed up the process of fitting your roller shutters in their new location, and reduces the need for heavy lifting equipment and other tools needed to fit steel roller shutters.

What about the disadvantages of choosing aluminium roller shutter doors?


Unfortunately, aluminium's attractive qualities also make it a desirable material, and as such, aluminium tends to be a more expensive option for roller shutter doors than conventional steel. However, it tends to be cheaper than stainless steel, another rustproof alternative.

Loss of strength

Aluminium is a strong material, and aluminium roller shutters are capable of shrugging off a significant beating without any problems. However, aluminium is less strong and durable than steel and more prone to denting and deforming, making aluminium roller shutter doors vulnerable to heavy impacts and vehicle collisions. Roller shutter doors that are frequently used by vehicles such as forklift trucks may benefit from the added safety and durability provided by steel if any accidents should occur.

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