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5 Key Considerations When Selecting Patch Panels

You will need patch panels if you are planning to establish a data center for your business. This article discusses some of the key features that you should look for when you are selecting those patch panels from the variety available on the market.

The Spacing Between Ports

Examine and compare the spacing that is available between the different ports on a patch panel. Select the patch panels with the largest spaces between the ports. That large space will make it easy for you to remove or insert data cables.

The Connectors

Gently move the connectors from side to side. Some patch panels have loose connectors that may fall out as you install or remove data cables from them. You should therefore select only patch panels that have sturdy connectors.

Front Space

Look at the front of each of the patch panels that you would like to buy. How much space do they have at their front? You need ample space in this location so that you can put labels that describe which gadget is supplied by a given cable on the patch panel. Labeling also makes it easier to trace cables during repairs or troubleshooting sessions.

Added Cable Support

Some manufacturers of patch panels provide some kind of support for the various cables that will be installed in the panel. Others don't bother availing this feature. The best patch panels have added supports for cables. This support limits the damage that may occur to connection points due to the stress of a freestanding cable pulling on the connector.

Dust Covers

You need to consider what mechanism is available to protect the patch panel from dust in case you are going to install those panels in high-traffic areas. Opt for patch panels that have dust covers that are made from one piece of material. Such dust covers often last much longer than covers that are made from several pieces of material that have been joined together. This is because removing the covers during routine system maintenance strains the seams until the adhesive used fails.

Patch cables aren't the only component that you need to buy when you are going to set up a data center. Consult a data cabling expert in case you lack experience in selecting the other components, such as the different types of cables, which are needed during your project. That expert will also help you to avoid making the installation mistakes that inexperienced people often make.

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