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Three Errors Construction Surveyors Guard Against

Construction surveyors usually do everything in their power to ensure that they take and record accurate measurements at a site where they are working so that costly mistakes are avoided. This article discusses some of the most common errors that construction surveyors try to avoid. Use this information to find out what specific safeguards your chosen construction surveyor is going to use to ensure that all measurements are taken and recorded correctly.

Equipment Malfunctions

Surveying devices can malfunction without giving any clear indication that they aren't working as they should. This can result in the capture of wrong data during a surveying exercise. Construction surveyors take several steps to prevent this source of errors. For example, they inspect the equipment frequently in order to confirm that all its components are working properly. Recalibration can also help to ensure that equipment malfunctions are kept at bay.

Incorrect Data Registration 

It is also possible to make an error when recording the data that has been captured using construction surveying equipment. For example, one may write "569" instead of "596". Such an error can be hard to discover when the data is being analysed. Another common error in this category is the omission of making a data entry during fieldwork. Such errors are usually avoided by having protocols that enable personnel to record any survey measurement data at the earliest opportunity before taking another measurement. Measurements can also be repeated in order to confirm that what is about to be recorded is the correct entry.

Incorrect Calculation

Survey errors can also be made when survey data is being computed. For example, an error can be made when a construction surveyor is calculating the square footage of a given room using the length and width of that room captured in different units (meters, for example). The easiest way that can be used to prevent such computation errors is by automating the process so that the possibility of human errors is kept to a bare minimum. Errors resulting from incorrect calculations can also be minimised by using different computation methods to process construction survey data. Any difference in the outcome of those computations can result into a review to establish why the figures aren't tallying.

Good construction surveying starts with selecting an experienced surveyor. That professional will use the best tools and techniques to ensure that your project will proceed in accordance with the design specifications. You should therefore do your homework well so that you hire the best construction surveyor available in your area.

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