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Tips for Maintaining the Original Colour of your Ute's Cover

A Ute cover is supposed to be properly maintained if you wish to derive value over its useful life. For instance, proper care would ensure that your Ute's cover does not lose its colour shade and consequently visual appeal. However, since you would be washing the cover regularly and driving in the sun, it is bound to lose its original colour at some point. That being said, it is still possible to maintain your Ute cover's original colour by following a few guidelines.

Park in Shade -- Sunlight is a natural bleaching agent, and the longer a coloured fabric stays in the sun, the quicker the fading process. Notably, it is unrealistic to keep in the shade while driving your Ute. However, it is easy to find parking space in a shaded area and it's important, especially if you would be away for a considerable amount of time. Parking in the shade prevents the sun's ultraviolet rays from breaking down the colour of your Ute's cover. In case you do not find shade to park under, it is best to seek parking spaces inside a building. Walking to your destination is a small price to pay if you want the cover to serve you longer.

Avoid Harsh Cleaning Agents -- You would be required to wash the Ute's cover occasionally, but such cleaning would depend on how often the cover gets dirty. For example, if you use the Ute in a construction environment, regular cleaning is necessary. However, this does not mean that you should soak the cover in harsh cleaning agents to loosen any dirt. Such agents contain high amounts of bleach that could affect the underlying pigmentation characteristics of the fabric. Since Ute covers are fabrics, dirt could easily be tangled deep in the fibers. In such a case, all you need to do is soak the cover in plain water to loosen the dirt then spraying warm soapy water on the cover and using a relatively soft brush to remove any remaining dirt.

Use Gentle Scrubs -- As mentioned earlier, your Ute cover is made of fabric and consists of millions of fibers. Therefore, you should be very careful when washing and scrubbing the cover. Any excessive force would expose the underbelly of the fibres; consequently, the upside of the cover would end up with different patches of colour. Instead, use gentle scrubs and manufacturer recommended cleaning accessories.

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